Vinyl Swimming Pool Coping & Decking

A swimming pool deck is so much more than a few planks of wood or composite. Pool surround decking options can also double as works of architectural beauty, creating the perfect backdrop for your next cookout, barbecue, or dinner party. By creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, pool coping and decking bring life to your whole backyard, transforming your pool from a place to swim to a place where everyone comes together.

Versatile, tasteful, and easy to customize, inground pool decking and coping are solid investments that bring out the best in your pool. At Latham Pool Products, we have over 60 years of experience installing custom inground pool coping and decking options, making us trusted experts in the art — and the science — of residential pool deck design.


Inground Pool Coping Options

Whether simple or ornate, no pool surround decking options would be complete without coping, which is an unfamiliar term to most first-time pool owners. Put simply, inground pool coping is the frame around the edge or lip of your pool. Though coping and decking are often paired, the coping is both functionally and visually distinct from the rest of the deck, which is a separate structure. In fact, some pool owners choose high-contrast coping and decking materials, such as pale limestone and dark wood, to create a look that’s both dramatic and contemporary.

The main purpose of swimming pool coping is to create a barrier between your pool and your deck, to prevent damage from water spillover. Vinyl inground pool coping helps to channel water toward the deck’s drainage system, reducing the risk of costly, unsightly leaks. You can choose PVC or aluminum coping for your pool.


Inground Pool Decking Options

Thanks to lightweight materials, innovative construction techniques, and good old-fashioned craftsmanship, Latham inground pool decking options offer beauty, durability, and sustainability. Certain pool surround decking options can even integrate anti-slip features or automatic pool covers, which are one of the most effective — and most effortless — pool safety features available on the market today.

Choose from a catalog of pool coping and decking styles, or work with us to design your coping layout from the ground up.